Frequently asked questions

I’m new to the learning and development world, how can Obsidea help?

Not to worry! We work with clients all the time who are new to introducing modern learning and development to their business.

Obsidea is a learning and development consulting company that assists businesses in creating learning material for internal or external audiences. We can work with your organisation to translate your ideas into compelling learning solutions. Our team loves to assist with strategy and implementation.

If you’re stuck, we offer a free 30 minute consultation to explore what is possible.

Are these custom eLearns?

Yes! We create custom eLearning for your business. You won't be getting an "out-of-the-box" experience with Obsidea, you will get human-centered design material ready to engage your end-user backed by the latest technology and research.

What's the cost involved?

Every project has different requirements and solutions which need to be discussed to give an accurate price estimate.

What is Gamification?

Know how you love filling up your coffee card with a stamp each morning? Boom, that’s gamification at its finest. Gamification is applying game design to the learning experience. You can read more about gamification in our blog to clear common misconceptions. For more information, check out this blog!

What is onboarding?

Only 32% of companies have an official onboarding process, which is a scary figure. An onboarding program enables you to train your new starters on your mission, values and processes to give them a platform of success. Companies that do not have an onboarding program are at greater risk of losing employees.

Are you available for development consulting?

We offer a free 30 minute consultation to explore what is possible through road mapping, training needs analysis, training and coaching, and custom solutions.

In the work section there are design studies, do you offer other services?

Yes, while we are focused on learning and development from time-to-time we take on additional jobs outside of the space to learn and grow our teams skills! If you are interested in further discussions, let's chat!