Foxtel Introduces 'OnBoard'

‘OnBoard’ is an award-winning onboarding experience created at Foxtel. It was created to be an end-to-end experience for employees across the world joining the Foxtel Group. It was spearheaded with a powerful digital module featuring international entertainment stars, checklists, VR experiences and more. This experience increased employee retention in their first year, taking onboarding ratings from 45NPS to 75NPS almost instantly, with 92.8% of employees noting the experience gave them understanding of Foxtel’s strategy, culture and values.‍

Leadership Program: ThinkDoBeMore

This professional brand course comprised 17 sections, with 6-8 hours of material to complete. It contained tutorial videos, multimedia and dynamic learning exercises designed to make the learning experience both engaging and effective. The program starts by explaining why you need to move on from trading on your expertise and then shows you how with a series of exercises, tasks and resources.

Australian Priority Assistance

This learning was developed during the switch from ADSL and Cable connections to the National Broadband Network in Australia. A small percentage of Australian homes were set up with priority assistance lines, which allowed elderly or people will ill health to connect easy-to-use devices to trigger emergency services. This learning module went through the importance of notifying customers of this switch using psychology based gamification with real world case studies.

Microlearning: Facilitation Tips

Many facilitators in 2020 went from training in a classroom to having to adapt to the world of Zoom overnight. This microlearning solution was developed to easily (and quickly!) share five key resources and tips for trainers who were still struggling with the digital environment.

Foxtel's iQ3 Features

This gamified eLearn was created to show users new features on Foxtel's key hardware. The eLearn was introduced like a city simulation, with each section exploring new and exciting ways customers could access their content. Once learners were able to complete all areas and knowledge checks they moved on to the final formative assessment. For more information on gamification, check out our blogs on gamification.

Educational Spotify Magazine

A look at educating our contacts on the power of Spotify and how it is the clear winner among music streaming services. It went through their feature offering, and is an example we show clients when explaining how we can do the same with their internal benefits and values.

Microsoft Teams Upskill

Created during the midst of the pandemic, this learning module was created to give people an introduction to Microsoft Teams. Comprising of three sections 'Setting Up', 'Calls and Meetings' and 'Teams to the next level' that enabled staff and leaders to understand best-practice digital communication in a time of need.