About Us
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We Create Stunning Digital Experiences

Obsidea is a full service digital agency based in Australia, focused on bringing the best digital experiences by transforming ideas into compelling solutions that businesses deserve.


The perfect blend

Obsidea was founded in 2020 with the aim to move away from the status-quo.

We make it easy for businesses to turn their projects into compelling solutions by using the latest technology, methods and trends. At our core we are creatives, with different specialisations all coming together to create a unique Australian learning and design agency.


A chance to innovate

One of our core values is upholding identity. This means we never put anything out we aren't proud of, every project should push the needle in some form. The game is changing, and in a new generation those who don't adapt are being left behind.

our Approach

We work with Simplexity

We understand projects can be complex, but that doesn't mean they can't be simple. We bridge the relationship between complexity and simplicity.

We do not settle for the status quo. Our approach is focused on innovation across all learning and creative platforms. Our goal is to create a platform of success for all involved in our journey.


It all starts with your spark of an idea, which we will gather and harvest into a fully fledged story. We get to know you, your company and the scope of work.


We work on evolving that idea, product or project into a best-in-class solution that fits your needs. We don’t settle for the norm and we are focused on innovating across all platforms.


Our team then focus on developing. Whether it’s an e-Learn, architectural visualisation or assisting with your business strategy, we always have the experience of the end-user in focus.


Sticking the landing is where we thrive, we get your content to the right place, at the right time with no hassles. We hand over the keys and you're all set.

We love what we do, and would love to share the journey.