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Since the start of 2020, OBSIDEA has been focused on providing high-quality outcomes to our list of growing partners as a full-service agency. Everything that makes up our learning experience is completed in-house,setting us apart from traditional learning agencies.

We’re experts at delivering modern, interactive experiences. With our innovative services and cutting-edge techniques, we can help you get ahead of the curve with thoughtful and effective learning solutions your employees will love you for.


We know the impact a strong onboarding or induction experience can have on a new employee’s engagement and the culture of an organisation. 

We design award-winning onboarding experiences with that in mind - to captivate your new hires, provide them with the tools they need to hit the ground running, and create memorable experiences that have a long-lasting impact on your organisation. 

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OBSIDEA Corporate Induction Onboarding
OBSIDEA eLearning Bespoke

Bespoke eLearning

Our interactive learning experiences are designed with the user in mind. No more boring 'Next' buttons. We make learning efficient, effective and enjoyable so your employees can increase their performance.

We work closely with your business, stakeholders and learners to identify the needs of your people to create custom learning solutions to fit your budget, timelines and objectives.

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Strategy and Organisational Development

We’re all about the user experience, and that doesn’t just end at digital solutions.

We offer a variety of services that support the development of your people and internal initiatives. Whether it’s partnering as consultants, or adding value through data-driven insights, we’re here to help you grow your people. 

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Dean Cook Facilitator Gold Coast
OBSIDEA Virtual Reality Client

Extended Reality: Virtual and Augmented

Learners want technology-focused learning experiences that can provide them with direct feedback without delay.

Extended reality (XR) training is an effective way for learners to immerse themselves into experiences that matter. Whether it’s augmented reality or virtual reality, the future of learning is focused on high-impact, human-centric developments.

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