Virtual Reality Services

Step into a realm where imagination knows no bounds, and reality seamlessly blends with the digital.

Break free from the confines of traditional education and training methods, and explore a realm where knowledge knows no limits. With our cutting-edge technology, education transcends the boundaries of the classroom, empowering learners to engage, interact, and absorb information like never before.

Join us in revolutionising the future of learning and development, where curiosity fuels discovery, and every experience becomes a lesson worth remembering.

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Statistics on VR

The Benefits of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) ignite huge benefit to learners through immersion. What really puts this medium over others is the increased speed to mastery, improved knowledge retention and ability to have no limits in the experience. The results we achieve with VR when combining evidence-informed learning strategies and technical expertise get results.

One of the best ways to learn something new is in an immersive environment that encourages this. It's also consistent that each employee will get the same experience every time, regardless of location.

VR is an emerging technology that's seeing rapid adoption by leading organisations because of the success VR training has achieved - virtual reality is at a point where it’s adopted and those that do not “put on the headset” so to speak, will be left in the past, similar to when digital transformation came for workbooks. 

The key benefits to virtual reality are:

Accelerated learning and proficiency

Increased learner retention

Ability to replicate rare and dangerous scenarios safely

Built-in metrics

Accelerate learning and proficiency

Virtual reality is not only safe, but it's efficient, effective and enjoyable! Virtual reality training eliminates the safety and cost barriers to dangerous, expensive and difficult to recreate scenarios.

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Whether learning to operate heavy machinery, practising surgery or developing soft skills like team building, leadership, and empathy - OBSIDEA is here to help you create without roadblocks.

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