Strategy and Organisational Development

Whilst digital learning is a huge part of what we love to do at OBSIDEA, it isn’t all we do.

Our organisational learning and development background enables us to also partner with your business to support a number of other learning initiatives.

Working alongside your people, we can help to create a learning strategy that aligns with your organisation’s objectives and the capabilities required to achieve them. 

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Team Development

We deliver solutions, but sometimes organisations are unaware of the problem they’re trying to fix. This is where we come in.

Widely known as the ‘fixers’, we don’t shy away from the label and our reputation speaks for itself. We see each client relationship as a partnership, yet we also want to leave you with a legacy you can maintain without us.

If capability is lacking within your organisation, we can help develop your teams to elevate your internal projects and ensure longevity for years to come.

Whether it’s building capability in digital design, implementing and supporting learning technologies, or even empowering your team to deliver live action or animated video-based learning, our team will work with you to create development programs that give your team the skills they need to work magic.

Instructional Design Services

Our award-winning instructional designers help create learner-centric experiences that drive engagement.

We work closely with your business, stakeholders and learners to identify the needs of your learners to create custom learning solutions to fit your budget, timelines and objectives.

Instructor-Led Training

We’ll be the first to tell you that not all learning experiences are suited to digital. There are learning moments that should be delivered face to face, whether that be in a traditional classroom setting or in an online environment.

We’ll help you design impactful facilitated sessions that engage your audience, and with over 15 years of experience in facilitation to diverse audiences across the globe, OBSIDEA can even deliver them for you.

Leadership Uplift

We understand the impact leaders have on culture, performance, and the experience of your people.

Using data-driven insights, we develop leadership experiences that shape the culture of your organisation and drive individual and organisational growth.

From emerging frontline leaders to executives and everyone in between, we can help develop skills that have meaningful impact and lift leadership capability across your organisation.

Trusted by 20+ companies worldwide, since 2020.

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