Knowledge Onboarding

Also known as ‘skills-based onboarding’, knowledge onboarding is a crucial step in the onboarding experience and is often where organisations drop the ball.

Having the right induction program is part of maintaining performance and culture. This involves taking necessary steps to ensure new employees feel welcomed in your environment, have guidance for success, and get set up with all they need from day one.

Starting a new job is an exciting experience. Put yourself in the shoes of an employee starting in your company today: do you have a clear idea of what that experience is? Are your leaders capable of teaching the tasks and responsibilities effectively?

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Knowledge Onboarding Induction OBSIDEA
59% of employees report having received no significant workplace training

What’s your strategy?

Knowledge onboarding is not just important for new hires. How is your organisation supporting employees who step in, step up, or step across into new roles within your organisation? 

A surprising number of organisations rely on the knowledge of existing team members, undocumented processes, and a ‘sink or swim’ mentality to skill and upskill their employees. It’s a risky approach that can have a significant impact on your culture, profitability, and reputation. 

That's where we come in.

We support you in developing skill-based training solutions that ensure your people have what they need to get the job done. Whether it be product, safety, compliance, technical or soft skills, we develop blended learning solutions that include:

Digital elements, such as elearns, videography and more

Experiential learning

Simulated (mobile or deskop) experiences, including augmented and virtual reality

Instructor-led training

Scenario-based learning

Training manuals and handbooks

Standard operating procedures (SOP)

We aim to leave you with learning solutions that you’re able to maintain in-house. We’re able to assist in the upskilling and ongoing development of your internal learning teams to ensure seamless adoption into your learning ecosystem.

Want to elevate your onboarding experience?

Reach out for a free onboarding health check and let us help ignite the spark in your organisation.

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